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The task of the competition is to create an urban design-based response to a specific brief about mobility related to Shenzhen and its local and regional relationships in the Pearl River Delta. The interface of mobility networks with the built environment

Students are asked to address the social, economic and environmental challenges presented by globalization and urbanization. Analytical design proposals should use mobility as both a catalyst and conduit for urban change.

The goal of the Global Schindler Award is to create an open forum for new thinking about the challenges and possibilities of a global, urban shared future using mobility systems for greater inclusion, connection and accessibility for all.  

The Global Schindler Award competition is open for entry by enrolled students: Bachelors degree candidates in their final year and Masters degree candidates, along with their international equivalents in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning.

Collaboration and consultation with students and expert advisors from outside fields is encouraged, but the submission must remain an urban design proposal, following the given requirements. Students are asked to work as individuals or in teams, under the oversight of a university faculty member. 


With over 100,000 Euro in prizes, the Global Schindler Award will recognize one winning competition scheme along with runners up and grants. 

The Global Schindler Award 2015

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